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17. Juli '11
... everything is Divine
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Dear friends ,

some weeks ago these wonderful blessings from our dear "Flower of Change Artist " Alasdair Urquhart reached me...It´s about time to share them with you :-)
I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do - Love Annette Maria

Alasdair :
I have just had a flying visit to your site it is looking wonderful:)
This one is not poem but encapsulates a sense of the sacredness of the journey....
Beautiful Words... So True

I am, everything, I am nothing, I am a child of the Divine, we are, I am, all Is, I am.

The best way, to celebrate life on this planet, Is to join each other in a spirit of oneness. within the community of Mankind, the spirit of oneness, drives us to a realization, toward a practical application, of the same wholeness, completeness, harmony, balance and unity, striving for perfection, we will not rest until we achieve it.

My joy is in the sharing of the journey with everything, everything reflects the Godness The Godness reflects everything, everything is Divine, the Divine is everything, everything is perfect. I have no desire to change perfection, when my earth journey, is only to change, my fragmented self, I have much to do.

To discover joy, is to return to a state of oneness, with the universe, we are one, you and I, together we suffer, together exist, and forever will recreate each other, I sense the Divine in all things. I sense myself the apprentice, I am the rough ashlar, being shaped, each facet exposed, perfected, by the clinical precision of a surgeon’s knife, wielded in a Divine hand.

To be an instrument, of the Divine Musician, I move, I have my being, to this Divine tune, I am, no more, no less, of myself, I am not Divine, merely a receptacle, of Divinity. The joy of the journey is the fullness of the journey...whatever is, is, I embrace it all from a place of deep thankfulness, all of it. as it is, pleasure, pain, Its all the same, all of it. I surrender it all back to God, all of it, no attachment, have I, to any of it. And so it is.

All life is energy, we each, have an infinite capacity to discern it, that's why we are here, to practice it, for me this is, I sense, my journey. We are all infinitely different, that is also Gods wish. Trying to change anything on this planet require energy, energy requires resources, changing yourself from a place of Divine appreciation is power, it is not dependent on earthly resources; It comes from the one true source.

Gandhi said it all, Be the change you wish to see in the world.

That is the only meaningful way to change anything, most people however well meaning, when they think they know better, and try to implement, their wishes from a place of force, become part of the problem, the beginning of a moral dictatorship, which, then takes them from their innocence, only agape truly heals, anything, for it is Gods way, be from a place of Peace Agape and you will be in authentic power. Only that changes, anything, this is how it is, God did not make us to be sad, He made us to be, the light, so shine! shine!

Pick yourself up dust yourself down, and start all over again. This is God's wish in this moment, know that all is well and all will be well, live from this certainty, do not doubt God, nor the Divine within each one of us, for this is authentic power, which we have a duty of care, to nurture, in ourselves and others, for we are each our brothers and sisters keepers.

When we live in the light of God, let ourselves be embraced by angels, andwise brethren, how can we fail on the journey, each journey is blessed, far more than most will ever know, in this particular lifetime, will ever know:)
In this knowingness, what inner certitude it inspires! I know I am blessed, I know you are blessed, I know everything is blessed, in oneness we are, it is, will always be, and that's good enough for me.

On this earth plane trying to force anything, ultimately, consumes the forcer. Spirit is authentic power, it just unfolds, work from this place. Expect nothing, intend, gently, from a place of profound agape, and relax, and watch it unfold, there is an authentic power in this. Infinite patience does indeed produce instant results:)

everything is perfect as it is, look not for change in others, and then resent them, when you consider them unchanged enough. I have no expectation of anyone, thus, they don't disappoint me. I am aware that of mine own self, I can do nothing, I am an instrument, a very happy instrument, through which the Divine can play me like a harp...

My dear friend Alasdair,
thank you so much for these wise and tender words of truth...

Love & Peace
Annette Maria
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schrieb am 17. Juli 2010 um 10:13 Uhr
Dear Anette Maria,

Ever a joy of our sacred journeys is in the loving, empathic quality of the sharing of them.
You are inspiring beautiful, growing links throughout the world with your blossoming Flowers of Change..wishing you every blessing for love's delight in all your sacred endeavours...

..Only the highest and purest light issuing forth from souls so bright can truly bless for loves delight the essence of all beautys thrall with loves capacity to recall with sonorous heart the wonders we sublimely trace through soul and mind a heightened grace on infinite planes reveals all lustre to our well blessed hearts a fluster with vibrant feelings for oneness ways as we share all sages loving plays and bless each heart to sacred heights with our whispered reverent delight as each soul awakens from its laboured slumber and stretches to burn its temporal lumber on a bonfire heaped with all illusions bindings which kept us held in fears dark thrall and through blessed release we find our peace as loving stewards for one and all as with reverent notion all divine devotion we joyfully soar with gentle blessings on our lips to call upon ineffable glory through sublime halls ... deos/videos/show/6729628-to-truly-bless-for-love-s- delight

In Oneness ..Joy Forever...
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schrieb am 17. Juli 2010 um 10:59 Uhr
Dear Alasdair ,

You find me with my eyes and mouth wide open... YOU just MUST BE the incarnation of Shakespeare - no doubt about that...

Now here it sit , with my poor english ...trying to find some words that could possibly make it to an answer ...

Well , I don´t find them... but let me

thank you from the bottom of my heart

Love & Peace
Annette Maria

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