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03. Apr. '12
A Manifesto for Conscious Men
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The Manifesto emerged from the radical transformation that’s underway in the way men and women relate to each other. We’d like your assistance in giving expression and life to this awakening movement. You may know of our work as writers and teachers in the areas of spiritual development and relationship transformation. Now, though, we speak to you primarily as men committed to a new era of co-creation with women. Whether you are a man or a woman, we invite you to join with us in creating the new era.

Apology and New Commitment
One intent of the Manifesto is to offer a genuine apology for actions in the past and present, so that we can start afresh with new commitments that can guide us in bringing the new era into reality. Our apology is rooted in the original meanings of the word--to give an account, to acknowledge with regret, to express sorrow for present or past actions. A genuine apology never shames or blames either person, nor does it deny either person’s right to take full responsibility for the actions.

A Commitment To Usher In A New Era Of Worship
We believe that the next step in our evolution rests is a restoration of our capacity for such deep respect, attention and love in human relationships that we become capable of seeing the divine in another. We speak of this as the capacity for a man to “worship” a woman, and vice versa. We know that “worship” is a charged word for many; it has been kidnapped by patriarchal religions and often evokes a sense of subjugation. We wish to restore “worship” to mean a mutual capacity to express and see the the divine dimension in each other, to look through and beyond the personal as a window to the universal.

Please Join In
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Author of The Big Leap, Five Wishes and co-author of Conscious Loving
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