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17. Sep. '11
Poetry for plants
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Dear Friends,

Mark Allens "Plants on Vacation" in the Hammer Museum of Los Angeles during the entire month of August was a very loving way to connect plants to people ...

Every summer as their families take a summer vacation, houseplants-- alone and unwatered-- wait on windowsills for their owners to return...

Last month the Hammer Museum was hosting a “Houseplant Vacation,” giving jilted greenery a chance to stretch their roots with a series of plant-specific programming that included readings and music... even houseplant porn.

Mark Allen, the artist in residence responsible for the vacation, had organized a month of cultural activities for the houseplants to ensure that their time away from home was relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoyable.
Here you see him with our Flower of Change Daira - Etienne :-)
Mark Allen mit Flower of Change
"Over the course of the month we had different kinds of programming for the plants," said Allen. "We havd poetry for the plants, we had musical performances for the plants [and] we had plant psychics coming to heal the plants psychic energy."

The exhibit even had a phone system set up so that moms, dads, aunts or any plant relative can talk to their plants while they’re away. A speaker system planted within a rock allows the calls to be automatically broadcast to the room of plants.

Allen and the museum had compiled a collection of readings they think may interest to houseplants, including everything from contemporary poetry to "19th century historical accounts of botanical exploration."

Plant parents and museum visitors stopped by and saw the plants, played ping-pong for the plants or partaked in the cultural activity of the day.

Again I would like to thank Mark for this loving idea that ended up in a great exibition. And then I would like to thank my dear Flower of change friends Anna for taking this nice pic ...and Jennifer for taking her Flower of Change to the Hammer Museum.


Annette Maria

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schrieb am 21. Sepember 2010 um 07:04 Uhr
I was so happy to be a part of this!!!
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schrieb am 21. Sepember 2010 um 09:14 Uhr
Dear Anna,

yeahh ....and I am so glad that you and Jennifer are part of our flower of change project too.

Nice to see Jennifer in this clip :-)

Lots of love to California

Annette Maria
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schrieb am 30. April 2011 um 06:53 Uhr
totally agree with you.

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schrieb am 08. Januar 2012 um 07:23 Uhr
That's more than sesnilbe! That's a great post!
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